Our featured adoption animal today is Nox.  Nox is a small brownish-orange with just a touch of white male terrier/poodle mix that came to us from the streets of Lubbock.  He went unclaimed and made his way into the Adoption program. He would look wonderful after a trip to the groomer and would make any type of family a good pet.  He is the right size for an apartment or small house.  He is calm enough for children or the elderly. More after the jump.

Please remember, untagged stray animals are only held for 3 business days due to space limitations.  Tagged animals are held for 10 business days.  It pays to tag and microchip your animals!  Adoption animals are held until they find a home.

Each animal you adopt saves two lives….the one you adopt and the one that replaces it in adoptions.

Lubbock Animal Services, 401 N. Ash 806-775-2057