5 Unique Gifts for Pet Lovers
There are millions of gifts out there for pet lovers, but these 5 really take the cake. We scoured the internet looking for the greatest gifts for the pet lover in your life. From sweet to silly, you're sure to find something perfect below.
Talented Dog Dances the Merengue [VIDEO]
This dog has made the rounds on the late night TV shows and this particular video is gaining in popularity quickly on YouTube. Generally I am not a big fan of watching animal tricks but this one actually made me laugh out loud.
When you think about the amount of time invested in getting the dog to e…
Our Felines and One Pesky Mouse [VIDEO]
With my house being right on the edge of the Lubbock Country Club there is are a lot of field mice that compete for food and water hence we have a couple of (pretty much worthless) felines who spend their days lounging on the cow dog's bed in between their feeding schedule every 30 minutes or s…
It Takes Mom and Dad [VIDEO]
Each year these small and colorful birds make their home in the same corner of our house and not only do they rain terror on our cow-dog Sophie, these birds are the entertainment day and night for the two felines that reside with us.

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