It was a week ago today that I saw my friend Zach Henson alive for the last time.

It was a week ago today that I received the last text message from him that I will ever get.

It was a week ago today that our group raised a glass with our friend Zach not knowing it would be the final time.

Tomorrow Zach’s family and friends will lay him to rest and celebrate his life in Lafayette, LA and tomorrow Zach’s Lubbock family will celebrate his life and his friendship.

I say “Lubbock family” because that is what our group has become; a family.  A dysfunctional family at best (which we call ‘DS’) – but a family I am grateful to be a part of.  There are 16 of us in our “family” and we hang out  2 – 3 times a week.  We make fun of each other, we laugh at each other, we help each other, we get mad at each other, we yell at each other, we sing karaoke together, we dance together, we cook together, we celebrate together and we love each other.

And 5 days ago our hearts broke and we have been mourning together.

Zach was IS very much a part of our family.  He shared his beautiful spirit with us.  He made us laugh with his dance moves.  He was the one that always made sure that everyone was included and engaged in conversation at all times.  He was indeed a gentleman in the truest form.

In truth, there just are not enough words to describe how beautiful of a person Zach Henson was – but one fact remains, he loved with his whole heart and is loved by us with our whole heart.   And it’s hard to believe that just 4 short weeks ago we celebrated his birthday with a karaoke extravaganza and now 4 weeks later (to the day) he will be laid to rest as we celebrate his short life.

While he was way too damn young to die; only 29 – we are grateful to have him up there watching over us while he sings karaoke with Johnny Cash and plays golf on the most beautiful golf course ever.

Cheers Zach!

So here’s a toast to you Zach…

When I dream of Heaven
I dream of the past
Laughing with Zach
And raising a glass

*During my All Request Lunch Hour I dedicated a song to Zach - you can hear the audio here:

*Zach Henson was also great friends with Landon King from our sister station 98 Kool FM and Landon also paid tribute to Zach - you can read it here.

*Here is a video tribute to Zach made by Clifton Parker: