On the "retro rack" today is a singer who enter the Marines Corps at the age 14, he lied about is age. He is a black belt in jujitsu and judo. His real name is Fred Segrest, but if you were listening to country music back in the 70's you knew him better as Freddie Hart.


After a stint in the Marines, Hart signed with Capitol Records in 1953. He was putting out songs, but other artists were covering them and making them into hits for themselves.

Through the 50's and 60's he moved around from record label to record label and finally ended back at Capitol Records in 1970.

A year later, it so happened that a radio d.j. was playing a song by Hart from his album that was the title song from that album.

Well, that song went to Number One, won the CMA Song Of The Year award. It even crossed over to the pop charts. This song led to other hit songs and Freddie Hart was regularly on the charts through the 70's.

This was huge song. "Easy Lovin'", from Freddie Hart