On today's "thirsty Thursday" is a singers who was born in Waco, Texas and was one of the most popular western swing artist. Hank Thompson was responsible for a lot of firsts in his career.


In the 50's his t.v. show in Oklahoma City was first variety show to be shown in color. Of all the country artist at the time, Thompson was the first to tour with a sound and lighting system. He was the first to use corporate sponsorship.

Thompson was owning the charts in 50's, scoring 21 songs in the Top 20 and he even had five Top Ten songs in 1954 alone.

In 1960 he had a top 10 song that ultimately became one of the great drinkin' songs in country music.

The song is "One Six Pack To Go". It came off his album "At The Golden Nugget". It was the first live album released in country music. Hank Thompson died of lung cancer in 2007.

So in honor of Hank, let's order one more six pack.