On this edition of a "Thirsty Thursday" are two singers that were making hit records at about the same in the late 80's and early 90's. One was labeled "glitterbilly" and they other more country/southern rock.

Travis Tritt and Marty Stuart were not afraid to put "party" in their music. In 1989-90 Stuart had his album "Tempted" on the charts. About the same time Tritt released his debut album "Country Club."


The two toured together,because, as the story goes, neither wore a cowboy hat.

They recorded a duet called "The Whiskey Aint' Workin' Anymore". It would appear on Tritt's album in 1991 called "It's All About To Change". The album went multi-platinum and the song went to Number Two on the charts.

Marty Stuart and Travis Tritt on today's "thirsty Thursday".