The Pink Slime fallout is hitting closer to home than we thought. BPI, a long standing meat packer in Amarillo has produced over 200,000 pounds a DAY of the product. Beef Products Incorporated has closed 3 of its 4 plants and in Amarillo, that meant 200 lost jobs. The company was founded in 1981 to produce the "lean finely textured beef product" that is treated with ammonium hydroxide. Some of the products that use the "product" include fresh retail ground beef, low fat hot dogs, lunch meats, beef sticks, pepperoni, frozen entree's, meatballs and canned foods. The owners of BPI made a trip to Amarillo to announce the closer of the plant but they are continuing benefits and pay for 60 days. The company's director of food safety and quality assurance calls it all a manufactured scandal that began online with over 250,000 signatures on an online petition.