It has been the subject of many a blog and it looks like all the negative press may have done some good. The photo presented to represent "pink slime" looks more like a bowl full of the patties I once fed my dog called Gaines burgers. In product terms it is called "lean, finely textured beef," a lower cost ingredient made from fatty bits of meat left over from other cuts. I suppose when they mention "meat," it is used instead of "beef" because of the "other" types of meat that are used. What is REALLY disturbing is that the industry has been using this filler for many years, which means you and I have most likely already had our fill of "pink slime" already without even knowing it. We all know that hot dogs, hot links, and some sausages are made with these kinds of fillers, but are they treated with products made with ammonia to make sure they've killed all the germs and bugs that come along with it? It's almost too gross to talk about, and now finally, makers of the "pink slime" have shut down operations in all but one plant over the public uproar. The director for quality and assurance at Beef products Inc. says that the business has halted due to "online social networks" producing petitions to keep the ammonia treated fillers out of our schools and hospitals. The USDA has since approved the removal of "pink slime" from schools and some retail chains have begun pulling products containing "pink slime" from their shelves.