Important Tips You Need To Keep Your Dog Safe This Thanksgiving
Believe it or not there is apparently a lot more to think about when feeding leftovers to our furry friends than we may have realized.
Two big common-knowledge no-nos to remember are alcoholic beverages and chocolate, but I got a text message from my wonderful dog trainer Becca Miller today to share …
Dog Training With Becca Makes All The Difference (Sponsored)
When you find a passionate dog trainer who knows animals it can make all the difference in the world. A well-behaved dog can participate with so much more in your life and isn't that what you hope for?
The idea of having your dog beside you for all kinds of occasions is something you may only wish fo…
All American Pet Photo Day Is Wednesday July 11th
Wednesday July 11th is All American Pet Photo Day according to the National Days Calendar. 
Here's a day to make some extra special photos and share! You can dress up your pets, take them out, create a special display, let your imagination have some fun and enjoy this day dedicated to featu…

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