If you look at any Lubbock neighborhood Facebook, you are bound to find a wide variety of posts. From selling unwanted goods to planning community events, the most entertaining posts are the ones complaining about “the world’s worst neighbors.”

From cars parked in front of your house, to highly social families hosting events, there are plenty of things neighbors love to complain about.

While I agree certain things are obnoxious and should be limited, like late night parties that might get loud, I feel like most complaints are done out of a place of hate rather than being bothered.

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Bark! Bark! Bark!

One debate I've seen is about barking dogs. You have the neighbors that are bothered by a dog barking and you have the dog owner. While the neighbor will likely complain about any amount of barking, there is some sense of responsibility the dog owner must accept.

Should the dog be allowed to be in their backyard and bark occasionally? Yes. Should the dog be left outside all day and night no matter the scorching or freezing weather, leading it to bark out of desperation? Absolutely not.

Should the neighbor complain if the dog occasionally barks every once in a while during the day? No. Do they have a right to be upset if they are kept up all night long because the dog owner leaves their dog outside to bark the night away? Yes.

Why can't we all get along?

It’s really a matter of common courtesy. Be a responsible dog owner and be a respectful neighbor. Both sides must understand each other and know they are living next to someone else that may live a different life than them.

If you don’t want to hear any dogs barking no matter the time of day, you shouldn’t live in a compact neighborhood. Want to leave your dog outside 24/7 without proper shelter to escape the elements, leaving them to resort to barking all night? Maybe don’t get a dog in the first place...

Either way, I will continue to enjoy my popcorn as I observe these arguments from a distance.

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