It's that time of year again where most new years resolutions involve a new gym membership! Whether you're a newbie or a veteran to your gym, you've probably discovered THOSE people there, but what bothers you the most at the gym?

Joining a gym is like voluntarily moving into a dorm that you just visit and use, but must share with HUNDREDS of other people. Unfortunately, though, at a gym, they're not gender or age specific.

Sharing space with lots of people is one thing. Sharing space with lots of people while everyone is in their personal worst states of personal hygiene is a whole other situation!

There's a long list of THOSE people at the gym: the perfume wearers, the grunters, the ones who talk on their cell phone, the ones who don't wipe down the machines when they're done, the who don't put the equipment back, etc.

So what's the story? What is your biggest pet peeve that other folks do when you're trying to get your workout on?