DAY TWO of the new year! Have you begun your resolution, yet? What have you resolved to do this new year of 2013?

Alrighty Lubbock! Here we are at the beginning of a year that supposedly wasn't even supposed to happen. (Sorry Doomsday Preppers)

Traditionally, at the beginning of a new year, folks decide to resolve to make a change in their lives. The most popular choice, of course, is to torture yourself with some kind of diet. Other resolutions are kinds like 'quit smoking', 'read the bible more', 'no more soft drinks', 'spend more time at home/less time at work' or 'spend more $$ on charities and less on myself'.

Some statistics show that 73% of people who begin, often quick within 6 weeks. So whatever you resolve to do or change this new year, Blake and I wish you all the best luck!!!