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Buddy Holly's birthday is coming up on Labor Day Monday, September 7th, so it's awesome to have an opportunity to join in a great group effort to celebrate him. The Buddy Holly virtual birthday card is in progress and you can be a part of it courtesy of groupgreeting.com.

This incredible card is already more than 20 pages long and growing! There are birthday wishes from all over, from celebrities, and from fans. The clock is ticking and the countdown is on. You only have until Monday morning to add your message to this awesome virtual card.

The sentiments shared on this card for the iconic Buddy Holly really reflect the tremendous impact he's had on so many lives and how his music and memory live on and on.

You have an opportunity when you open the card to share in the experiences of so many and to understand how he and his music have rocked and changed the world.

The powerful sentiments shared on Buddy's card are often heartfelt and inspiring. We'll share some for you here:

Alex D. wrote: Happy Birthday.Your music changed my life and the life of many others. I wish you were still here but I'm thankful we got you at all. Happy Birthday and Rave On.

MC wrote: Happy Birthday Buddy. You left an immense impact in the world of music. Rave On!

Jack Beckerman wrote:We all miss you and we will never forget you. Thank you for inspiring me. I may be a 16 year old but I know that I'll be listening to your music til I'm 100.

This card is filled with many inspiring stories. Follow this link and share your Buddy Holly birthday wish on this important card. There is no doubt, Buddy Holly is dearly missed. Happy Birthday Buddy.

A Buddy Holly Birthday Bash is set for Monday at the Buddy Holly Center. You can follow this link for more details.

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