Yes it's sandal season but you want to beware of your pedicure safety!

The weather is warming up and time for all the summer strappy sandals! Pedicure season is upon us and while it's so great to sit back in the big massage chair for a pedicure you want to do your due diligence on the salon you choose and the tools they use on your feet.

I heard the metal callous graters were illegal and decided to research pedicure safety. The search results were startling and enough to make you think a little differently before you put your feet up for your pedicure.

In life everything has it's risks and we have to weigh the good with the bad. Life is an adventure and your can't let fear keep you from taking in your fair share of living. True, true.However, some things are wor

A healthy pedicure is fabulous and we need to take care of our feet but do a little homework before you go and avoid an unnecessary  mistake that may keep you off your pretty feet!


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