Technology is constantly improving and expanding to new possibilities. This expansion has led to concerns about robots replacing workers in certain industries, and it looks like that is actually happening at this Japanese hotel.

Henn na Hotel Tokyo Ginza is the world’s first-ever robot hotel. While there are still some human staff members, the robot employees are the real feature of your stay at this hotel. The official Hann na Hotel website claims that the human and robot team make for warm customer service and hospitality experience, but after seeing the front-desk robots in action, I’m not so sure about that.

TikToker @allstarsteven posted a video of the hotel’s front desk, and while the woman sitting near the kiosks looks to be human from the back, once you get to the front of the desk, you see that they are in fact robots. Their realistic hair, skin, and facial features make it really creepy when they start to talk to you. It’s like that feeling when you see an animation that you know isn’t real, but looks a little too close to real life. These robots definitely walk a fine line along the uncanny valley.

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I would love to visit this hotel one day and see what it’s like for myself. It would either be a really cool experience that could be a positive change for hotels in general, or it will be really creepy and should never expand outside of Japan. Either way, it is something extremely unique and innovative that we could see some form of spread around the world.

If you want to learn more about this robot hotel experience, visit for more information.

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