Some intersections in Lubbock are flat-out dangerous and have been the scene of multiple crashes that may have been prevented with the addition of a light or a stop sign.

Most of us have come across a dangerous spot on the road and have pondered why there wasn't any warning as to the traffic coming from other directions. We are all guilty of accidentally running a red light, which can lead to severe consequences, but what about the intersections that simply do not give the proper warnings for an upcoming stop? Or roads so worn down from use that you can't even tell what lane you are supposed to be in?

It's no secret that Texans tend to stay away from the idea of increasing taxes, period, but sometimes you can't help be notice our crumbling infrastructure, and forgotten places that are long overdue for repair, and see the upsides to some tax increases.

I reached out to a former paramedic and friend of mine, Ray Garcia, for his opinion on some of the most treacherous intersections. It took him mere seconds to locate some of the most deadly spots.

"...When you get called out to those MVC ( Motor Vehicle Collision) at one of those locations, it definitely crosses your mind that someone or multiple patients may be dead or seriously injured due to the speeds involved at those locations," Garcia said.

Here are some of the most dangerous intersections in Lubbock:

The Most Dangerous Intersections in Lubbock



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