No matter where you live, how much you trust your neighbors, or how secure you feel in your home, it is always important to lock your doors.

TikToker, Sarah Biggers-Stewart, recently shared a story explaining why she always locks up no matter what. She once felt extremely safe where she lived, but that feeling of safety quickly vanished after a single incident. The story is made up of three parts that get more and more unnerving as you go from one video to the next, but I encourage you to watch all three videos.

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I can’t even imagine how scary those run-ins must have been for her. It really just goes to show you that no matter how secure you feel in your current living situation, that can all change in one night. You never know when someone might have ill intentions and take advantage of an opportunity to get into your space. Although Biggers-Stewart still doesn’t know what her neighbor wanted from her, it doesn’t make any of those interactions less scary.

This is the exact reason I always keep my doors locked. Even if I’m just stopping by my home for a moment before leaving again, I always lock the door, especially when I’m home alone. Some people might think I’m being paranoid, but I’d much rather be safe than sorry. So, please consider this story as a reminder of why you should always lock your doors, no matter what your living situation might be.

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