A local coffee shop is getting some mixed reactions after they've started giving away Plan B kits.

Tumbleweed & Sage Coffeehouse in Wolfforth, Texas announced earlier this week that they were going to be giving out free Plan B kits after partnering with Jane's Due Process, a non-profit organization that helps minors who are not able to or don't have access to reproductive services.

KAMC news reports that the owner of Tumbleweed & Sage decided to offer the kits after the Supreme Court overturned Roe vs. Wade in June. Receiving the kits is completely free and anonymous, however it has led some local residents to contact the Wolfforth Police Department regarding the legality of the coffeehouse's Plan B giveaway.

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According to the Wolfforth Police Department, they received "many calls and emails" over Tumbleweed & Sage Coffeehouse's offer. Here's what the department posted on Facebook Wednesday:

The Wolfforth Police Department is aware that a business in Wolfforth is offering “free plan b kits” to anyone wanting them. We have received many calls and emails questioning the legality of this practice. Unfortunately, the legality of the practice is not a simple question to answer. We have been researching the matter and have reached out to many state and local officials for help in determining the lawfulness of the issue. Please understand that as a Law Enforcement Agency we enforce laws that are supported by statute or ordinance. Please bear with us as we continue working to resolve this matter.


Despite the Wolfforth PD's claim that the legality of what Tumbleweed & Sage is actually doing is "not a simple thing to answer," at least someone claims to know for sure: the owners of Tumbleweed & Sage.

The coffeehouse responded to the Wolfforth Police Department's Facebook post by saying they've done their research on the matter and know they aren't breaking any laws. They also urged people to be kind to the police, as they're only doing their job:

Hey y’all so some of you have already seen this post made by the Wolfforth Police Department. They are truly doing their due diligence to research the laws and rules needed. Please be kind to them and understand that they are being flooded with calls positive and negative about us. We have done our research and know that we aren’t breaking any laws. We will keep it that way so that we can continue to provide things for our community. Thank y’all for the overwhelming support. I am proud to say we are almost out of kits! We will be getting more soon!


There are currently no laws banning contraceptives. The U.S. House of Representatives has passed a bill that protects access to contraception, though it faces an uphill battle in the Senate.

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