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This story is sponsored by Wilbanks Vacuum Center

Wilbanks Vacuum Center is very happy to announce that their store has re-opened, after the COVID-19 shutdown, at 2149 50th street! While they've been there working hard for us curbside during the shutdown, now you can stop into the store to drop off your vacuum to be fixed or for a thorough cleaning, sanitizing and service, or for vacuum advice, and to shop the wide selection of vacuums they carry that take a serious line of defense against dirt and dust.

If you're tired of dirt, dust, and health concerns in your home, the answer can be your vacuum. Your vacuum cleaner can make all the difference in the world, especially here in Lubbock, where allergy season can add so many problems for us, on top of our Coronavirus concerns. Now is the time to understand how your vacuum cleaner can be the key to peace of mind at home.

You need expert knowledge, and at Wilbanks Vacuum Center they take vacuum cleaners and your health seriously. They are 47 years strong here in Lubbock and as they shared with me, they have pretty much, seen all the vacuum cleaner issues there are, and have come to understand the real-life answers that make a difference. Especially here in Lubbock where fine dust is a serious concern.

Maybe bagless vacuums were created for other climates where there isn't the level of fine dust we experience here. But Wilbanks has found that it takes diligent servicing to keep that dust from gunking up the engine of a bagless machine.

They've found that you really do need a machine that uses a bag. The bag is the most reliable way to capture fine dust when you vacuum you need the bag to keep dust from spewing right back out the vacuum's exhaust.

Additionally, vacuums with bags require less maintenance, last longer and do a much more thorough job all around.

The COVID-19 crisis and allergy season has us working harder than ever to keep our homes clean. Make your vacuum-cleaning a breeze and a job done well. Talk to Wilbanks about your vacuum cleaner, let them service it and give it a good cleaning and sanitizing. Make sure that the time you spend vacuum-cleaning really pays off and works to make your home as happy and healthy as you need it to be.

Wilbanks is dedicated to our Lubbock community and wants to help in our full recovery. They look forward to making sure your vacuum cleaner is doing its best to clean up dust, dirt, pet hair, and germs.

Get your house deep clean. Get the peace of mind you need. Let Wilbanks service your vacuum at a special $47 price in honor of their 47th anniversary in Lubbock (tell them you saw this special here). They will thoroughly clean and sanitize your vacuum, as well as offer curbside service.

Plus, if it's time for a new vacuum, they have the knowledge, expertise and a tremendous selection of vacuums that can make cleaning up a breeze. So you don't have to worry about struggling with an old vacuum anymore.

You can call them 9 a.m. through 6 p.m. to ask for curbside service if you're not comfortable going into the store. Call (806) 792-3718, or follow this link to their website for hours and details.

Trust the great folks, the Wilbanks family at Wilbanks Vacuum Center to help us get through this. They've been selling the very best vacuums and servicing the rest here in Lubbock since 1973.

Wilbanks Vacuum Center, 2149 50th Street in Lubbock, Texas. We are so fortunate to have this terrific Lubbock family, always working diligently to help us with all of our vacuum cleaning needs.

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