On October 26th, T Swift Fans EVERYWHERE were crossing their fingers, hoping and praying that Taylor would announce their home town as a destination for one of her stops for her upcoming tour..... but who's 'the very special guest' opening all of these shows for her......?



Almost two weeks ago, via YouTube, Taylor Swift officially announced that she will be touring next year to promote (like it needs it) her new album, 'Red'.

Fans, of course, are thrilled by this news. But I was more curious about who this 'very special guest' is that she is bringing along with her to open her shows.....

No doubt, whoever he is, this is his big break! Let's face it. Taylor is the bee's knees and when she says someone is good enough, her millions of fans follow right along and say so, too.


Meet Ed Sheeran: Ed is....well, he's English. So that's why not many of us are familiar with him and let me be the first to correct what you may be thinking: YES, he does look an awful lot like 'Ron' from Harry Potter, but no....It's Ed Sheeran.(But Rupert Grint DOES star in his music video, 'Lego House' just to keep people confused.)

Ed is an English Singer songwriter who's been selling out his own shows across the sea. He's going to jump over the pond and hopefully make a successful splash on the US turf as he goes on tour with Taylor.

Here's some of his music videos for you to start becoming familiar with Taylor's next big thing: