Who is the most talented Football player returning for the Red Raiders in 2019? That was the Ryan Hyatt's Raiderland question of the day and it's a difficult one to answer.

Your initial reaction might be to say Alan Bowman. The year he had as a freshman is hopefully the tip of a ginormous iceberg that is going to develop quickly under Coach Yost. My first thought was Jack Anderson, though most people only hear how good offensive lineman are and forget to pay attention to them until they give up a sack.

Another offensive returner in question would be TJ Vasher. Most talented? He's got a ton of it, even if it's just flashed so far in his young career.

That's it though, right? No way the most talented returner at Texas Tech could be on defense! Well, let me remind you of guys like Jordyn Brooks and Adrian Frye. Both potential all-conference guys. Broderick Washington, Eli Howard and Riko Jeffers aren't pushovers either and they all return to the defense in 2019.

So, the question of the day, Who is the most talented Football player returning for the Red Raiders in 2019? Who do you think it is?

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