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Unfortunately, Whiskey Myers have announced they're now canceling their upcoming Lubbock concert, scheduled for June 5th at the South Plains Fair Park Coliseum, due to COVID-19 restrictions.

We were really on the edge of our seats about this show, hoping that it would not need to be shut down. Sadly, they've now stated that it cannot even be postponed. Tickets will automatically be refunded at point of purchase within 15 days.

It's always disappointing when a big show we're looking forward to has to cancel. So let's take some time to hang out with Whiskey Myers and hope that they will schedule another Lubbock show sooner than later.

Whiskey Myers has been rockin' country music since their debut album, Road of Life, in 2008. They've cranked up the charts with their recent break out on Kevin Costner's television series Yellowstone. There's more to that incredible story on their website.

The band refuses to be cornered into a genre. They don't back down easily, and they've hung together as a group that continues to buck the trend. Recently, they've broken from their superstar producer, Grammy-winner Dave Cobb, who's known for his work with artists like Chris Stapleton.

They're taking the reins and have produced their new album themselves, having apparently rolled freeform. Stronger than ever, all eyes are on them now. Their newest album is self-titled and screams "organic, authentic" material that was collaborated in-studio, according to their website.

And so they scored their first Billboard number one country album in October 2019. A big congratulations to them.

It came together just outside El Paso. They hunkered down at the Sonic Ranch recording studio for 18 creative and intense days.

"There's never a right or wrong answer when it comes to ideas," lead guitarist John Jeffers said. "We would run every single idea from everyone — some work and some don’t, but we give them all a shot. And then there’s that magical moment when the whole band hears it, your eyes get a twinkle — ‘That’s it, that’s us!’ It’s usually a no-brainer."

You've got to love these guys. They're keeping it real and staying strong. We look forward to seeing them circle back around for a Lubbock show when we get to the other side of this pandemic.

Here's a song from the new album, live and acoustic. It's just like we're there in person.

If you're feeling a little sad about missing this show, hang in there, and check out one of my inspiring reads below.

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