With sites like Ashley Madison making extra-marital affairs easier than ever, just how faithful are people in Texas?

A lot of cheaters were scared out of their minds a few years ago with the client list of the infidelity website Ashley Madison was hacked and released online. Since then, the site has owned up to their image and even published findings of the cities with the most sign-ups. Recently releasing their list for last summer, Ashley Madison had high sign-ups in 3 Texas cities, with Arlington, Plano, and Garland all making their Top 20 list:

via AshleyMadison.com
via AshleyMadison.com

However, the website CheatSheet.com has a different list, this time focusing just on husbands/boyfriends cheating, using details from Ashley Madison and other sites. And according to the Cheat Sheet, Austin, Houston, and Dallas are in the Top 15 of cities with cheating men,

15. New York, NY
14. San Diego, CA
13. Chicago, IL
12. Indianapolis, IN
11. Columbus, OH
10. Austin, TX
9. Charlotte, NC
8. Houston, TX
7. San Francisco, CA
6. Los Angeles, CA
5. San Jose, CA
4. Philadelphia, PA
3. Dallas, TX
2. Denver, CO
1. Seattle, WA

In both lists, Texas either ties with California for most cities, or is just one behind. Does this surprise you?

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