This story is sponsored by Wilbanks Vacuum Center.

Wilbanks Vacuum Center (2149 50th Street) brings you the absolute best in knowledge and service. Prepare to be in the know, (video above) as we here at Lonestar are blown away with how much we can learn about vacuums from Steve Wilbanks, who has been running this great store for 47 years here in Lubbock.

We talked to Steve about the new Riccar vacuum that brings a great level of vacuum cleaning to your hard floors and makes an easy transition to carpets as well.

"This will do a much better job of doing both things. It is still a bag, so, that's just a lot cleaner, all these bagless ones...we have such fine fine dust around here that it just gets to the filters really fast and if you don't do a lot of maintenance on those (bagless vacs) they lose suction really fast, and they'll overheat motors. This one's a keeps the motors much cleaner, much cooler," Steve told us.'

Bagged vacuums are all in all much healthier for you and for the life and suction power of your vacuum.

At Wilbanks, they have seen just about every type of vacuum dilemma! They open up your vacuum for you and do a thorough and extensive cleaning service. They service all types of vacuums and will work to clean, sanitize, and put you and your vacuum back on track in the best way possible.

At Wilbanks Vacuum Center, they not only sell the best quality machines but can thoroughly explain your vacuum to you!

I love going into the shop here. Every time I visit, I'm so impressed by the knowledge they share, the level of care they have for their customers, and what a difference they can make in our lives by getting our vacuum cleaning needs on track.

You can trust this great family-owned Lubbock business every step of the way. You can share your cleaning issues with them and they can help answer all your questions. They work hard to set your vacuum right, and if you need a new vacuum they have a terrific selection of new vacuums to choose from.

Wilbanks is dedicated to our Lubbock community They will service your vacuum at a special $47 price now in honor of their 47th anniversary in Lubbock (tell them you heard about this special at Lonestar 99.5). They will thoroughly clean and sanitize your vacuum, as well as offer curbside service if you need it.

The store is open and you can also call them 9 a.m. through 6 p.m. to ask for curbside service if you're not comfortable going inside. Call (806) 792-3718, or follow this link to their website for hours and details.

Trust the Wilbanks Family at Wilbanks Vacuum Center to help. They've been selling the very best vacuums and servicing the rest here in Lubbock since 1973. We really appreciate all they do!

Wilbanks Vacuum Center

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