Okay these ladies would NOT be a force that any sane person would want to reckon with, but that doesn't mean they aren't afraid to reckon with each other! The girls spill all about fights happen between them, of course, but it's like family.

I guess that's the important thing. I know from personal experience that sibling fights can be brutal and almost too awkward to bear witness to, but at the end of the day you still love each other and now have dirt on the other one! ha ha and also learn and grow from the fight.

Pistol Annies, Miranda Lambert, Ashley Monroe and Angaleena Presley, tell Taste of Country that they are as close as sisters. When I hear that, I think, 'uh oh. sister drama!'. But sister love is in there MORE and that's why they make such good music!

"We’ve had a bunch,” Monroe said, “but what happens with us when we fight, it’s like a family fight. It’s real passionate and we cry and we’ll scream and then when we make up, we make up real fast too. Because we can’t stand being mad at each other.”

See? Scary then that sister love takes over!

Well, Blake and I are glad they stick together AND keep making awesome music! Speaking of, their newest album is hitting stores in May! Get your details right here!