I was scrolling through TikTok (as usual) when I came across a video from the official Whataburger account. The video showed someone spraypainting a wall in the classic Whataburger orange. When the stencil is pulled back, it reads "Life Imitates Lunch" with the Whataburger logo and three letters: M.O.A.

It turns out that Whataburger has made an Instagram account that's the official Whataburger Museum of Art. The company states that it is a collection of artwork by the fans and for the fans. Seeing this, I had to take a look and see what it is all about.

The museums first collection consisted of 16 artists from the 10 states the fast food company has locations and beyond. The artwork consists of everything form someone painting a landscape including their hometown Whataburger to a Whataburger bag with a self portrait painted on it to a tile mosaic of a Whataburger cup. It's incredible to see the talent and commitment of the company's fans.

Under each image has a description of the piece, quotes form the artists, the medium of the work, the title, size and the username of the artist who created the piece. My personal favorite has to be the painting of a purple octopus on a fry container titled 'Expeditious Delicious.' The creativity in these pieces of art is incredible.

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Whataburger says they created this museum of art in order to celebrate the support of their fans and showcase the talent of the artists who decided to create these art pieces.

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