I know what you're thinking: a Big Mac at Whataburger?! I know- it's almost like blasphemy! Obviously, if you wanted a Big Mac you could have easily gone to the Golden Arches instead of good old Whataburger.

However, if you're like me, and always on the lookout for a good Whataburger hack, then you are going to love this one!

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The team over at HellthyJunkFood, which consists of couple JP and Julia, come up with hacks and recipes for your favorite foods. Most recently, they visited a Whataburger and came up with quite a few hacks that I'm eager to try out- but this Big Mac hack has me to most intrigued, check it out.

Did you catch how to order it? You ask for a double meat Whataburger, which we all know is a #2. Add American cheese, no tomato, no mustard. Ask for 1000 Island dressing, and ONE bottom bun- which I can't believe they actually can do.

Then, all you have to do is assemble it yourself and bam! A Big Mac at Whataburger or as some in the comments called it: a WhataMac. It looks huge! And probably would be worth it.

If you are interested, HellthyJunkFood came up with some other hacks like this one that I'm also interested in trying- buffalo chicken fries salad:

And for those who prefer their fries "animal style" like that one place we don't talk about, here's how to make that:

Obviously, there are many great hacks for you to enjoy Whataburger, and I'm kind of excited to try all of these! To check out other hacks, follow HellthyJunkFood.

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