I currently live in southwest Lubbock, and I always see this mansion that's located off of Upland and 109th. All you can see from the road is the roof of the home, but that's enough to know how massive the house really is.

The house sits on a large piece of land that has a gated entrance to get past a barrier of trees that line the property. You can also see that there are two smaller homes on the same property, but they're not nearly as impressive in size as the mansion in question.

I found the satellite view of the property on Google Maps, as well as some of the property information on Trulia. The house sits on around six acres of land, has five bedrooms, eight bathrooms and 21,536 square feet of floor space. Trulia estimates the mansion's value at $2,690,900 dollars.

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For how large the property is, it's fairly bare. The Google Maps view was updated this year, and it shows that the six acres are mostly just empty land around the homes with a few trees scattered about.

The property looks to be separated into four segments, with three of them being occupied by the mansion and the two smaller homes. It looks like there could possibly be plans to build another home in the fourth section.

It's always fun to drive by this property in December because they go all-out with Christmas decorations. If you ever wondered who buys those giant inflatable Santa Clauses and snowmen, it's these folks. They have several large inflatables, along with lights and other festive decorations.

The house was built back in 2010, and the closest neighborhoods to it are still under development. I wonder what brought the owners to pick land so far from the city center and what they do to afford such an impressive home.

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