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The unfortunate temporary closure of all Texas state parks due to the coronavirus pandemic affects many of our Lubbock favorite spring outings.

There are 89 state parks in Texas according to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department's website, and plenty to visit right here in West Texas. This is the time of year we all love to get outdoors, and state parks are traditionally a big destination for hiking, fishing, boating, camping and more. We look forward to some of our favorites reopening, and wanted to take a moment here to visit some of them in pictures.

Now's a great time to plan and think about some of the fantastic state parks right here in our area, with so much beauty and so many wonderful outdoor activities to offer.

You can visit the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department's website for a map and park details for a trip once everything is back to normal.

5 West Texas State Parks We Can't Wait to Visit Again


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