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There are all sorts of interesting laws out there that will make you question what someone did in order for the law to be put in place. That has to be how most of these laws were established.

Some idiot thought it was a good idea and then the government realized they never wanted it happening again. It's the same with those tags on certain appliances that tell you not to submerge them. How many people were using hairdryers in the bath before they had to put those tags on them?

There are also those laws that you know weren't designated due to someone's actions and you don't quite know why it was deemed a bad thing in the first place. Were they worried something bad would happen if someone did it? Or maybe they just thought the world would be better if no one did a certain thing.

Whether they were laws made from stupid choices, or simply preemptive to avoid some form of bad decisions, I have compiled a few of the strangest Texas laws.

7 Weird Texas Laws That Actually Exist

There are plenty of lists of 'crazy Texas laws' that you can find online. Unfortunately, a lot of those 'laws' don't actually exist, or they were appealed a long time ago. However, there are plenty of laws that do actually exist and seem pretty silly. Some of them are very self-explanatory, while others are oddly specific. These are a few weird Texas laws that actually exist.

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