Since I wrote the first story about the horrible daycare employee here in Lubbock who's seen on video holding a young girl up by her hair, this story has received national media attention.

The video started to be passed around last Thursday (January 17th). Since then, it's been picked up and shared all over Texas. Now, it's making national news, too.

The Huffington Post ran the story. Austin, Houston, and Dallas stations and newspapers have run the story. BET, Yahoo!, and even the website are all over this story.

If you want to see how far this has reached, just check out this Google search thread. I'm already on page 3, and the stories keep popping up. Thankfully, this story is being shared, and the pressure on local authorities is growing to take legal action against one or both of the women involved.

Lubbock won't stand for such awful treatment of our kids, especially by an adult who is charged with protecting them at a daycare facility.

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