Have I ever mentioned that I have a soft spot for animals?

Having spent much of my childhood on a farm in little old Vernon, Texas, I’ve been around animals my entire life. And out of all of the animals we raised, I always thought piglets were the coolest.

Unlike other animals that are kind of gangly when they’re young, piglets look like their fully-formed counterparts, but are tiny. While they look extremely cuddle-able, I don’t recall ever cuddling with one.

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But that could certainly change, thanks to Halbert Farm in Burleson, Texas.

They offer an Airbnb animal experience in which you get to cuddle with Kunekune (pronounced “cooney cooney”) pigs. I had never heard of Kunekune pigs prior to stumbling upon the Halbert Farm Airbnb experience, so I did some googling to learn a little more about the critters.

Eco Farming Daily describes the pigs as “sweet-tempered, medium-sized” pigs. In other words, they’re perfect for cuddling.

So, if that sounds like something you’d like to do, the “Halbert Herd” is made up of 20 Kunekune pigs that range in age from 4 months to 9 years.

You’ll have the chance to feed the pigs treats and pet them (they’re apparently big fans of having their bellies rubbed). The coolest part is that if they have piglets, you’ll get to spend time with them in the piglet pen. And if they’re old enough, you may be able to feed them treats.

The experience costs $50 per person, with a 10% discount for groups of 4-6 guests. Book your "Cuddle with Kunekune Pigs" experience here.

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