Gypsy Gift is a charitable organization that donates Gypsy Horses to the top 20 equine therapy centers. The Texas Tech Therapeutic Riding Center is in the running, and it's a great program.

I'll admit that I'm biased for the Texas Tech Riding Center. My son Brody used the center when he was little and he's made amazing improvements since then. The people there are fantastic to work with and they really care about the kids. And of course kids getting to ride horses is a ton of fun for them.

Plus, the staff really get what's important about the work they do. And that's fully evident in the quote used on the voting website:

"we are each created unequal, and are all given a beautiful talent or specialty, that sets us apart in some way"

So between now and noon on June 15th, you can vote once every 24 hours. The top 20 vote-getters in America each win a free Gypsy Gift Horse. This is a huge win for a great organization, so click the link and vote every day.

And by the way, make sure you click the heart UNDER the post about the Texas Tech center. That's how you vote. The one above the Tech post is for someone else, so click the heart under.

(Editor's Note: The featured image used is not of the Texas Tech Therapeutic Riding Center or its clients. However, the Texas Tech center performs the same services and functions.)

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