There is currently an online poll from a nationwide site asking people to vote for their favorite haunted attraction in Texas. And of all the haunts in all of Texas, Lubbock's very own Nightmare on 19th Street is currently at no. 1.

With over 250 votes so far, Nightmare on 19th Street is currently the no. 1 attraction in all of Texas by a wide margin. The next contender is Kingwood Asylum in Kingwood, Texas with 166 votes.

So, it's time for all of you Lubbock fans of our very own haunted theme park to step up and guarantee it the no. 1 spot.

Vote at this link and share it with your friends. Texas has the 4th most haunted attractions, so to have Lubbock earn the no. 1 spot in the whole state would be a big deal for all of us.

By the way, the Kingwood Asylum won last year, so let's be sure to beat them this year and steal the crown.

Nightmare on 19th Street Highlights Videos