What would you do if you saw one of your co-workers out panhandling?

One TikToker was driving around and saw a co-worker begging for money on the corner of the street. It says quite a bit about a company if someone who is gainfully employed with them still finds themselves asking for money. Although they laugh it off in the video, it's really a sad thing to see.

I've had plenty of full-time jobs that never seemed to quite pay all of the bills. I was always putting off one bill or the other in order to feed myself, pay my rent and buy gas to get back to a job that wasn't paying me enough.

I feel for this guy and whatever he may be going through during the holiday season. He may have several kids to provide for and be worried about Christmas, something that everyone can relate to.

The man quickly pulls the sign down when he recognizes the passengers in the vehicle and was likely very embarrassed. Now that this TikTok video has gone viral, perhaps his employer will see fit to give him a raise, or maybe a good company out there is ready to give him a better-paying position elsewhere.

Then again, you may wonder if he makes enough at work, but is just trying to get a little extra dough from drivers that see him and take pity on him. I'd say that anyone who is willing to humiliate themselves and set their ego aside by standing on a busy corner and asking for money is probably worth handing a few bucks. Either way, I hope this guy gets the help he needs.

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