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One unlucky Texas Tech student shared a sad but hilarious TikTok naming every illness she had during her freshman year living in the dorms, with a selfie she took from each time she was sick.

The video from Bella Sakalas shows off her bouts with tonsillitis, flu, COVID-19, mono, bronchitis, four ear infections, strep throat and four upper respiratory infections, all over the course of her freshman year. The video has garnered 72,000 likes and some really hilarious comments. Here are a few of my favorites:

"Took wreck'em a little too seriously"

"No raider rash tho, good job"

"Bestie it may have been easier to tell us what you didn't have"

"I've never gotten sick in college. Vodka kills all sickness"

"You are allergic to college!!!"

"Glad I'm no longer in the dorms, Bledsoe was wildin'"

"What the hell they put in the water?"

Poor girl! We feel for you, and hopefully, you're doing better now. Check out her hilarious video below (NSFW language warning):

I can't imagine living in a crowded dorm during the COVID-19 pandemic, let alone ever again. What a nightmare that was. I lasted one semester living on campus before I realized I hate roommates with a passion, not to mention the ones that don't wash their hands and sneeze all over you. Ick!

There was also a lot of talk about the dorms at Texas Tech being pretty moldy. I can't confirm that information, but if you live in a Texas Tech dorm room with mold, send me some photos so I can put them on blast. Moldy living conditions are not okay and can be very dangerous to your health.

Stay well, guys, and keep those GPAs up! Santa is right around the corner.

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