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Since the coronavirus pandemic began and after Governor Greg Abbott lifted the hold on vehicle registrations in Texas, many in Lubbock have expressed frustration and even anger at having to make an appointment to get their vehicle registration done. Apparently there are many who have been using the Lubbock County Tax Assessor-Collector branch location inside City Bank at 5219 City Bank Parkway.

I was alerted to a Facebook post this week where a citizen expressed his frustration at having to make an appointment.

I went to City Bank here in Lubbock to register my truck. This is a branch of our Tax Assessor and Collector. You can’t just walk in and get the registration any more, you have to have an appointment. The first appointment I could get was in the morning, (Wednesday). This makes no sense. There were very few people at the desk where you get the new registration sticker. The government no longer works for us, they control how we react with them. When it is time to vote, I won’t forget.

I can understand his frustration. Before the pandemic, you could just walk in, maybe deal with a line, but line always seemed to move quickly and you could be in and out in minutes. Now you have to make an appointment and hope that they have a time that works for you.

So why did the Lubbock County Tax Assessor-Collector change the rules? Well, he didn't. In fact, Lubbock County didn't change a thing and even they don't seem too happy with the changes.

Not only did I see the Facebook post but so did Lubbock County Tax Assessor-Collector Ronnie Keister. According to Keister, they are following the new rules at the bank. Rules they have asked to be changed.

We are not allowed to have a line at the bank. We are a tenant at the bank and it is the banks policy. We have asked the bank to change this policy and we were told that it was being reviewed. It is important to remember that City Bank is now a publicly traded company and these decisions are not made locally. Our other locations are not appointment only and we would be happy to have you at either location. In addition United locations in Lubbock and 2J’s in Idalou are contracted with us to do renewals for your convenience. I’m sorry that you were inconvenienced at that location, however as a tenant we do have to follow the rules of the building owner.

Kudos to Ronnie Keister for responded to a citizen who was frustrated by the entire process. It's good when elected officials respond to citizens.

So where can you go in Lubbock County for registration and title services?

For full registration and title services, you can visit the Main Tax Office in Downtown Lubbock at 916 Main Street. City Bank at 5219 City Bank Parkway (appointment only), and in Slaton at 1700 West Division inside Smith South Plains Auto (Closed daily for lunch from Noon to 1 p.m.).

For limited registration renewal services, you can use any Lubbock United Supermarket, Market Street, and Amigos location. In Idalou, 2J's Thriftway can help.

For more information, visit Lubbock County's tax page.

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