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Coronavirus concerns have sparked a wave of so-called panic buying that has emptied some store shelves here in Lubbock of specific items, such as toilet paper and hand sanitizer. We reached out to United Supermarkets for some insight on this and how they're working to keep stores stocked full -- and make sure as many customers as possible are served.

We learned that our United Supermarkets/Market Street stores are working diligently to meet demand. To do so, they have limited some purchase quantities so supplies will be more available for everyone.

Here is their official statement:

Inventory for any product will vary from store to store. The United Family of stores has limited purchase quantities for a few items such as hand sanitizer, disinfecting sprays and wipes, bulk paper towels and bleach in order to provide sufficient product to serve all of our guests. We closely monitor inventories of illness-prevention products in order to maintain supplies of items typically in heavier demand during viral outbreaks. We are restocking more frequently as the supply chain catches up with the demand. It's really about being a good neighbor and ensuring our guests get the products they need.

United Supermarkets is dedicated to the Lubbock community and wants to help as many of us as possible. Let's all be patient with their store quantity limits, and rest assured they are working to keep us in-stock with our needs, especially illness-prevention products.

We appreciate all of the hardworking team members at United Supermarkets. Thank you for always being there and for serving our Lubbock community as such a good neighbor during this time of need.

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