A new technology is coming to the Lubbock airport and it will make everyone's life a lot easier.

When you go through airports if you don't have TSA Precheck you have to take out all your liquids, tablets and laptops, this new technology is changing that.

Officials with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) have announced the installation of a new checkpoint computed tomography (CT) X-ray scanners at Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport.

Photo: Courtesy of TSA
Photo: Courtesy of TSA

Installation of the new equipment will occur in a phased approach, with one new lane being equipped weekly over the next month.

The new CT scanners allow travelers with carry-on luggage to keep everything in their bag, even electronics larger than a cell phone and food.

The units generate a 3-D image of the contents of the carry-on bag. A TSA officer can manipulate the 3-D X-ray image on-screen to allow for a better view of the bag’s contents, ultimately reducing the number of bag checks that are required.

“Use of CT technology at our security checkpoints is a win-win for TSA and passengers,” said Gilbert Almaraz, TSA Federal Security Director for Central and North-West Texas airports.  “We get increased detection capability which leads to fewer bag checks, and passengers get to leave their electronics and 3-1-1 liquids in their bags.”

They will start getting installed in Lubbock from April 24 through May 1. The Lubbock International Airport is located at 5401 N Martin L King Blvd, Lubbock, TX 79403.

You can find out more about the airport and what is coming on their website.

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