No one writes a breakup song quite like Trey Lewis. His new music video for "Single Again" is a true country original, as well.

Lewis — best known for his viral hit, "D--ked Down In Dallas" — stars in this video, premiering exclusively on Taste of Country. It begins with him getting dumped the hard way — his girlfriend even smashes his guitar! If he's smarting, however, the pain doesn't last. A fast drive to the bar finds him amid friends who agree he's better off without her. Everyone shares his "middle fingers up" attitude in this new song and video.

"Looks like I'm single again / I'm going out with my friends / Won't hear bi---ing 'bout / Who I'm with or where I've been," he sings to begin the chorus.

"I wrote 'Single Again' when I got my heart broken," Lewis, a Birmingham, Ala., native, tells Taste of Country. "Thanks to y'all it might be the break up anthem of 2022. Hope it helps y'all as much as it did me. Middle fingers up!"

The rest of the video focuses on a speed dating night at the bar, and before the end Lewis is surrounded by all the beautiful women, sipping drinks and toasting to his new future. You get a sense that the cost of the guitar he lost at the beginning is well worth it.

"I'm single like a middle finger up in the sky / That middle finger telling her to kiss my ass goodbye," he sings during the most popular line from the song. Indeed, thousands of TikTok videos have already been created using the lyric, ranging from defiant, to humorous to celebratory:

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