Sometimes when a business puts up a bunch of signs saying "Security Cameras In Use," it's because security cameras are in use. These numbnuts thought it was just a scam.

As you may know, Nightmare on 19th Street was SERIOUSLY vandalized and the victim of arson recently. We installed a bunch of countermeasures after that, including security cameras. Well, it didn't take long to catch these guys on film. Their visit was cut short by a hillbilly with a shotgun, but not before we got a look at their jackassery.

We firmly believe that one of these guys was involved in our vandalism. He heads straight to the points of the previous break-ins and appears to be explaining something to his partner in crime.

There's been other vandalism on the East Side lately, including the Starcare Building (the timing and manner seem a bit similar, but we're waiting to find out more). In addition to trespassing on Nightmare on 19th Street/Lone Star Event Center property, the railroad police also witnessed them jumping fences on their property.

Please help us catch these guys. We know one of you may know them on Facebook. Please send any links or information to


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