Taste of Country recently released their countdown of the Top 100 Drinking Songs of All Time . As a man who enjoys a drink or ten, I can’t say I agree with their list. They did indeed get a good number of songs correct, but they put them way too low or too high. They also left a couple of songs out that are in my personal top 10. So without further ado, here are just my top 10 drinking songs of all time. Feel free to let us know your favorite drinking songs.

10. Jimmy Buffett : Margaritaville

I’m not the biggest Jimmy Buffett fan, but whenever this song comes on I feel the need to sing it at the top of my lungs. It’s not the typical country music song, but it has everything that a country music song requires. Enjoy this little get away from your everyday life and take a trip down to Margaritaville.

9. David Ball – Thinkin’ Problem

You may not always get the words to the chorus right in this song, but that’s ok because no one else is singing it right either. You may think you have a drinkin’ problem, but the actual lyrics aren’t that. You might have a “Thinkin’ Problem,” but we love you just the same. Enjoy this classic from David Ball.

8. Charlie Daniels Band – Long Haired Country Boy

This song is best experienced in a smoke filled bar with the roughest crowd known to man. Once this song come on you’ll see 50 bikers put their drinks down and either sing or nod along to this Charlie Daniels classic. Though, this may just be a song that Southerners go crazy for.

7. Loretta Lynn and Jack White – Portland, Oregon

It’s not your traditional Loretta Lynn song, but true fans of music can appreciate what the coal miner’s daughter was doing with this track and her entire Van Lear Rose album. I’ve always been intrigued by the city of Portland, but this song makes me want to hang around the city and drink a few cold ones.

6. Gary Stewart : Empty Glass

You could honestly pick most any Gary Stewart song to be included on the list for best drinking songs, but this one takes the cake. Stewart lived a rough and tough life and his story was told through the music he sang. This song is easily the best last dance after a night of heavy drinking.

5. Freddy Fender : Wasted Days and Wasted Nights

Many nights of drinking turn out to be Wasted Days and Wasted Nights, Freddy Fender just made sure that there was an anthem for them. Fender mixes the best of both worlds in his country and tejano styles of singing. The end result is one of the most played and most requested drinking songs in a Texas dance hall.

4. David Allen Coe : You Never Even Called Me By My Name

A fun sing along song for drunks and drinkers alike. Not too much more you can say about this one you don’t already know. Feel free to kick back and sing along at your work desk.

3. Webb Pierce – There Stands The Glass

The oldest song on the list is also the song most people can associate with after a long day at the office. Sometimes the only thing you need is a tall one and Webb sings exactly what you’re feeling. Webb also has one of those recognizable voices that can’t be mistaken for anything but greatness.

2. Garth Brooks – Friends in Low Places

Anybody and everybody knows the words to this giant hit for Garth Brooks. From the east coast to the west, or anyone above the Mason Dixon line can come together to belt out a few notes from this one. It’s the best Nashville produced sounding drinking song that I will admit to going crazy for.

1. Willie Nelson – Whiskey River

The moment you hear Willie start strumming the beginning of the song, you know what’s about to happen. It’s party time. Cheers to the old Whiskey River never running dry.