As we get closer to Christmas we are likely to see Santa and his reindeer but it's the local deer that we should be more concerned about. The hunting season for white-tail deer is currently happening until January 1, 2023, as stated by the Texas Parks and Wildlife website, and it is also the peak time that most male deer are in the rut. That means that the daddy deer is competing with the other daddy deer looking for a momma deer, to put it nicely.

While the rut season is almost over that means that many deer are out and about at night while they try to live their lives. This means that local Texas drivers need to keep a watchful eye on the road and make sure they know how to not hit a deer. It does sound very simple but it is easier said than done.

Many suggestions are to use your high beams, brights, on your vehicle so that you can get a better view of the area along with the glowing of deer eyes. I do recommend doing this only when there is no one directly in front of you because you could potentially lower that persons vision and attentiveness. Deer also rarely travel alone, as I have seen many Buffalo Lake residents feeding groups of deer, so it is wise to be on the lookout for multiple deer. That includes female deer being chased by bucks during rutting season, or even a doe with a fawn and no one wants to be responsible for the live action version of Bambi.

If you do happen to hit a deer with your vehicle, or it hits you, then Texas Parks and Wildlife does recommend pulling to the side of the road and waiting in the safety of your vehicle. If the deer is injured then it is advised to call the local game warden dispatch or if it is completely dead then call the Texas Department of Transportation to remove the carcass. The Texas Parks and Wildlife website does suggest moving the carcass but I do not just because the deer could be stunned or knocked unconscious and if it wakes up while you are moving it then it could cause severe injuries. So don't move it.

It is suggested to contact your local insurance provider after hitting a deer, there is no way to make the deer pay your deductible but there is a form that can be filled out following a police report. The Texas A&M Natural Resources Institute also suggests that it is illegal to possess any part of a deer that has been hit a motor vehicle, which makes that episode of King of the Hill where Bobby hits a deer an actual crime.

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