I love animals. I have four big dogs at home and even though they make a mess all the time, it doesn't matter because they bring me such joy.

However, they have yet to pull a stunt like this clever pup. This popped up in my social feed last week, and I busted out laughing when I saw it. I just had to find out the story behind it.

Meet Baloo, an almost six-month old Border Collie puppy who found the most ingenious way to beat the Texas heat. His mom, Cara Wohr posted the picture to her social media account last week. Cara snapped the pic before tossing the sprinkler outside, quipping "good thing I was wearing waterproof mascara."

Baloo loves the water and has played with the sprinkler, (outside of course) many times since he joined the Wohr household. I guess he wanted to share the cool, refreshing raindrops with his family!

Cara told me Baloo plays with everything and his favorite inside toy right now is the toilet bowl brush and holder. He also likes to drag his Yorkshire Terrier brother, Cooper, around by the tail. The Wohr's live in North Texas near Denton.

Here are a few more pictures Cara shared.

Baloo's first day with his new family.
Baloo's first day with his new family. Courtesy Cara Wohr.
Baloo enjoying the sprinkler, outside. Courtesy Cara Wohr.
Baloo enjoying the sprinkler, outside. Courtesy Cara Wohr.

I think Baloo just won the internet for the best summer picture. I just love this little pup and know he will bring the Wohr family lots of joy for many years to come.

How are your animals dealing with the summer heat?

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