Everyone in Texas loves Buc-ee's and will go on road trips just to visit one. They're known for being an iconic stop to get some gas and any snack you may need.

When you think about Buc-ee's, you typically think about how big they are. With their aisles upon aisles of goodies and separate sections for food, home goods, clothing and more.

The largest Buc-ee's is currently located in New Braunfels, Texas. However, the company has announced that they'll be building an even bigger location in Tennessee. The new largest Buc-ee's will be 74,000 square-feet.

That sounds absolutely crazy to me. Is that even considered a convenience store anymore? Or is it just a shopping center with an attached gas station?

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While everyone is focused on the largest Buc-ee's, what about the smallest? I came across a TikTok the other day that showcases what might just be one of the smallest Buc-ee's out there. It's located in Eagle Lake, Texas, and it seems to be about the size of a standard small convenience store.

As you see in the video, the bathroom only has one stall, and there are only three aisles of snacks. Don't you worry, they still have a mini-deli in case you're hankering for a sandwich.

This seems incredibly small for a Buc-ee's and it's a little strange to see. If you care to check it out, then you can find it at 505 E Main Street in Eagle Lake, Texas.

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