We all know the fun game of asking Google "why is..." and then putting a city name or state name there to see what the most commonly asked questions are. Now, someone made a map of those answers for all of Texas.

When you ask Google "why is Texas so..." you get a list of responses that runs the gamut from racist to hot and other things. Our sister station KLAQ in El Paso created a map that shows all the answers for most of the bigger cities.

What is really surprising to me is that El Paso, which is across the border from Juarez, Mexico, home to many drug cartel murders, got the auto-response of "safe." That's right -- El Paso's top Google auto-response was that is was safe. That's great for El Paso. But when you ask Google the same question about Lubbock, the auto-response answer is "dangerous."

There you have it. According to Google auto-complete, El Paso is 'so safe,' and Lubbock is 'so dangerous.'

That is truly a bit of a shock. Maybe it's time to find out what our city council plans on doing about this crime and find out how dangerous Lubbock really is. The city is making more and more lists of dangerous cities. I'll write another story about that next week.


Also, because its kinda funny, notice how both Laredo in the south and Wichita Falls in the north got the answer "hot." Yeah, it's hot from north to south and everywhere in between in Texas. Get used to it, because it's only going to get hotter.

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