Four-way intersections account for 59.7% of intersection-related fatal crashes in the state.

A new study has investigated the most dangerous types of intersection in Texas, revealing that Four-Way Intersections are the leading type of crossroad for fatal motor vehicle crashes.

The study was conducted by the personal injury law firm Injured In Florida, which gathered and analyzed crash data across various intersection types in Texas. The data was taken from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) on fatal crashes that occurred at an intersection between 2017 and 2021.

Four-Way Intersections top the list as Texas's most common intersection for deadly collisions, with 59.7% of all recorded intersection fatal crashes occurring at this type of crossroad. The analysis found that out of the total 3,664 fatal crashes examined, 2,188 were at Four-Way Intersections, higher than any other category.

T-Intersections were identified as the second most common site for fatal crashes, with 1,355 incidents making up 37.0% of the total. Y-Intersections were the third most common among the studied intersection types, accounting for 98 fatal crashes or 2.7%.

At the national level, Four-Way Intersections are the most common types for fatal motor vehicle crashes, with 27,335 such incidents comprising 61.82% of the total 44,219 crashes that were related to an intersection.

The prevalence of T-Intersections follows, accounting for 14,778 crossroads crashes or 33.42%. Y-Intersections saw 1,079 fatal crashes, making up 2.44%. There were 200 fatal crashes at intersections with five points or more (0.45%), and 127 at a roundabout (0.29%).

A spokesperson for Injured In Florida commented: "The study found that out of the 17,549 fatal crashes that occurred in Texas over the five year period, 3,664 happened at some type of intersection, which is 20.9%. This data is a reminder to all road users of the importance of driving carefully at all times, but especially when approaching any type of crossroads or intersection.”

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