If you haven't been to the grocery store in the last few months then you might not have noticed that egg prices are very high. It seems that eggs are starting to be considered a very high end commodity but for many they have started to consider raising their own chickens for eggs. There are some things people must do before they buy chickens and tend to them, making them chicken tenders.

Well first you need to have shelter ready for them whether that's for small chicks or full grown hens. A coop is not a bad idea or anything that might give your chickens shelter from potential birds of prey that might target them. It is also best to regularly check in on your chickens so you know they're safe. Like any animal you own you do have to make sure that where they live is clean and the good thing about chickens is that their poop can be used in compost projects or put in garden beds.

Chickens do make a mess of food by scratching at it so if you expect them to eat cleanly then you should reconsider chickens. Free range chickens especially love to scratch at grass so if you have lawn well lets just say you won't for long. Chickens also love taking baths in dirt or sand so having an area where they can bath to get rid of parasites helps keep them happy, or you can introduce a sandbox.

Chickens also love vegetables but there are some veggies that shouldn't be given to your feathery friends. Onions, tomatoes, and other acidic veggies should be avoided because they can give eggs a very odd flavor. If you live in the city limits then you should check with your local city ordinances when it comes to owning chickens because there may be a limit on how many birds you can own.

So remember shelter, food that is good for them, an area for them to bathe, and obviously water are some things that are needed when considering getting chickens. Chickens need lots of love and care from the moment they hatch and will keep you happy, and if they lay eggs, full.

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