About nine months ago people went crazy about the bathrooms at the parks in Lubbock.

They were saying for months that the City of Lubbock wasn't cleaning any of their bathrooms. You can see some of those pictures below.

After this news came out at least one park restroom saw some temporary improvements over the summer but that was the only thing that changed.

Well finally something big is changing. During the Lubbock City Council meeting, they talked about their plans for the improvement of parks. They approved five purchase orders with Dallas-based CXT, Inc. to "manufacture, transport, deliver, and install five concrete restroom buildings at five City of Lubbock parks."

These bathroom changes are coming to Clapp, Higginbotham and Mackenzie parks and multi-user restrooms at Atzlan and Maxey parks for a total cost of $517,395, according to the documents approved Tuesday. They are all for single-user restrooms. The three two-stall, single-user restrooms come in at $85,495 each, and the two four-stall, multi-user restrooms at $130,455 each.

The money is coming from back in May, when the City Council appropriated $900,000 in federal American Rescue Plan Act funds for the five replacements and an additional seven restroom renovations in parks across Lubbock.

These new bathrooms will feature stainless steel fixtures, electric hand dryers, skylights and, in the multi-user facilities, stall doors. Yes, stall doors are a big thing, crazy. They compare these bathrooms to what they look like currently at McAlister Dog Park.

 There's no set date for when the restroom replacements will come in and be installed but this is the right step forward.

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