There is something you should be on the lookout for, especially, if you enjoy traveling through Texas. There was a new invasive species recently discovered in Texas that seems to be an immortal species.

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Hammerhead flatworms are a threat to our ecosystem so it is best to try and destroy them yourself. There are different kinds of hammerhead worms but whatever you do, handle them with extreme caution.

Bipalium also known as Hammerhead flatworm can be lethal to humans and pets if eaten or touched. The hammerhead flatworms have a neurotoxin that can be a skin irritant if touched.

If you think chopping up the worm into tiny pieces will kill it, you're dead wrong. By chopping up the worm each piece will grow into separate worms.

See what they mean now when they call the hammerhead flatworm immortal?

There is always some weakness to a creature. For the hammerhead flatworm it is either pouring salt and vinegar on it or locking it up in a plastic bag.

You will be able to spot the difference between a regular worm which is round-ish on each tip. While the hammerhead flatworm's shape of its head is almost like a hammerhead shark's head shape.

The hammerhead flatworms have mostly been spotted around the Austin and Dallas-Fort Worth areas. So if you spot one make sure to grab some thick gloves and a bag to capture it before it destroys more of our ecosystem.

News Channel 8 reported about this creepy crawler that must be handled before it mishandles your loved ones.

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